To make your shopping trip to the market as efficient as possible here are a few helpful tips:

1) Be Patient, Be kind, and Be safe.

2) Be prepared to line up to enter as we limit the number of shoppers in the market to allow adequate physical distancing.

3) No pets are allowed at the market so please leave them at home or in the car in the shade.

4) Please only send ONE family member to shop if possible.

5) Get in and get out as quickly as possible....Come, shop, and exit the market.

6) A hand wash station is provided at the entrance/exit for you to wash your hands.

7) Hand sanitizer is provided throughout the market please sanitize frequently.

8 Maintain physical distancing at ALL times.

9) Know what you want to purchase before you are at the front of the line.

10) Shop with your not touch any items....have the vendor pass you your purchases.

11) Use Debit/Credit payment OR exact change when possible.

12) Take your purchases home to enjoy....Do not eat at the market.

Virus Update  info:

Safety Protocols: April 2020: 

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