September 2, 2014

Next week is Farmers Appreciation Week, September 8-15! We’ll be celebrating at the market on the 10th and 13th, but you can get involved by checking out and sharing these 10 reasons to buy local and support farmers, and by entering the Ode to a Farmer Poetry Contest!

10 Reasons to Buy Local and Support your Farmers:

  1. Local food is fresher and tastier
  2. Enjoy delicious foods that are only available in-season
  3. Strengthen the local economy and keep your dollars close to home
  4. Meet the farmers who grow your food
  5. Protect your health and the environment with food produced sustainably
  6. Support farmers who are committed to the humane treatment of animals
  7. Discover the new specialty products that will impress your dinner guests
  8. Support the future of family farms and food security in British Columbia
  9. Keep good agriculture jobs in your community
  10. Protect natural beauty and green spaces by preserving farmland

The BCAFM Ode to a Farmer Poetry Contest: Write a farmer-inspired poem and submit to the contest by September 7th for a chance to win a $150 gift certificate to the market of your choice!

Regional winners will win $50 gift certificates to their local market!

Check out this page for more info:

Reasons to Buy Local from the BC Association of Farmers’ Market


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