Strawberries are ringing in the berry season right now! There will be tons of berries in the coming months at the market, but unfortunately, berry season doesn’t last forever. But there is a way to save these tasty bits of summer through the process of freezing! Today we’re sharing some quick tips to freezing berries.

Tip 1

Pick up some berries from your local Farmers’ Market!

Tip 2

Freeze Flat. Berries are easy to freeze whole, but don’t take the easier route and toss the fresh berries into a freezer bag, or they might end up a little bit more like jam than whole berries. Freeze your berries on a cookie sheet (lined with parchment paper) then, once frozen, bag them up! This simple process will save your berries from being turned into berry mush!

Tip 3

Use a Straw. Pull the air out of your bags of frozen berries by sticking a straw in a mostly sealed bag and sucking the air out. This will help your berries keep longer, and less ice will form around the berries while in the freezer. Also, getting rid of the air will save some freezer space!

Tip 4

Measure and Label. If you’re a baker, it might be helpful to pack your berries in measured amounts so that you can pull them out of the freezer, pre-measured, and easily toss them straight into something like a muffin mix. If you’re a baker or not, if is always important to label your bags of berries with the contents and the date. Berries are usually only good for about a year in the freezer (long enough to last until the next berry season), but it’s helpful to know how long that bag of blueberries found at the bottom of the deep freeze has been there!


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