Saturday July1st Map

Saturday July1st Map

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Please leave your Pet at home

Just another reminder about dogs at our market...

The market has a No Dogs Allowed rule, and here are some of the reasons why:

For the safety & comfort of all of our customers- the rows can get very crowded during peak times, and dogs on leash make it extra tricky to navigate.

Dogs sometimes leave little “surprises” around the market - we have had vendors items & tent weights peed on, as well as other unnamed deposits made in the middle of the walkways. Now most of our dog loving customers make sure things like this don’t happen (or pick up after their pet) but unfortunately it happens a lot.

The safety of your pet - the pavement gets hot, really hot!! We have attached a slide from the BCSPCA that shows how hot it actually gets on your pets paws, which damages their paws.

We respectfully request you leave your dogs at home when you are visiting us at our main location on the corner of Springfield & Dilworth.

Pets are welcome to visit us on Sundays at the Downtown Satellite market.

Service animals, and pets that can be carried are of course welcome at the market at any time.

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